A mobile app for advanced Russian speakers
to refresh their language skills

Znaniya, an app built exclusively for the iPhone, creates an unintimidating environment for advanced-level Russian learners to practice their conversational speaking skills.

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Check out a preview on desktop, or install the app on your iPhone! Follow the link below for instructions.

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  • I love Znaniya! I tried several others, but there was always something missing... they were too repetitive, or made for beginners. With my background (my family speaks Russian), this app was the perfect level for me.

    Elizabeth S., ― Customer

  • Russian isn't the hardest language to learn, but it is hard to find Russian speakers who will practice with you! Znaniya solves that problem for me. It's comforting to be able to practice my Russian without feeling pressured or judged.

    Melanie J. ― Customer

  • I don't live in a place where it's very easy to speak Russian with other people, and I'm really out of practice! Znaniya has helped me remember how to speak it, and get some good practice in.

    David K. ― Customer